Salmon En Croute

Salmon En Croute

It seems like New Year's Eve dinner is always en croute or wellington in the Heath household, with last year being Beef Wellington. This year, a super simple salmon en croute, that could easily be adapted for any type of fish, sea-bass, haddock or whatever is in your freezer. If using frozen salmon ensure it

Salmon Mousse.

Christmas memories when I was little have always been filled with Grandma's salmon mousse, hiding from opening Champagne, the sound used to terrify me. Last Christmas Mum and I made the Salmon Mousse and it sort of ended in a bit of a disaster as we didn't add enough gelatine. However, this year we did pretty

Fabulous Fish Pie.

This recipe is not my own, however after having it made for me at a friend's house I decided I had to create it. Presenting, Fish Pie as stolen from Susan. Ingredient you will need: Sweet Potato Fish - either a fish pie mix, or make your own, Salmon, Haddock, Prawns, Trout etc Milk Nutmeg