Baking. Baking is something both my Gran and Grandma both loved. So much time spent learning the craft of the perfect bake, from shortbread to fairy cakes to scones to all the tips and tricks. Eg, to make Golden Syrup easier to get out of the jar, just heat a tablespoon in hot water, then

Cheese Scones

Cheese Scones

Another Delia Smith classic, good old cheese scones. Yes savoury scones are controversial, but add some chutney, or load it up as a petite sandwich. This was admitedly, my first time ever making savoury scones. Having only made plain and fruit scones a couple of times before. My theory was following the mentioned Delia Smith

The Scullery

The Scullery is officially one of my new favourite places, having loved the wine night I decided to go back with my Mum for a lunch. It was incredible. The fischcakes and hollandaise was the perfect size for lunch. Mum's BLT had doorstop thickness bread, with the chunkiest chips. No frozen chips here, walking past