Couscous Salad.

Simple summer eating. I inherited this recipe from my housemate, whose Mum used to always make this salad back when we both lived in Dubai. You will need: Couscous Vegetable stock Vegetables for baking - onion, pepper, tomatoes (whatever is in the house) Lemon juice Oil Chili flakes or chili salt, paprika Feta Start by

Thai Jungle Curry Paste.

I can now cross off number 23 of my 101 list. After reading through Rick Stein's Far Eastern Odyssey book, I decided to make a thai jungle curry paste. Rick used really fresh Thai ingredients in this, so if you're using ground/old/supermarket versions make sure to double the amount of coriander, cumin, turmeric and chilli.

Cookbooks for Presents.

My love for cooking has been well represented on the blog. With friends turning 21 and 22 this year and finishing uni and about to start grad jobs, cookbooks seem like a great present idea. A hardbound cover with classic recipes will last for years and inevitably become a go to book. Delia's Complete How