Memories of Singapore include the smell that greets you as you leave Changi airport. The mix of orchids and humidity is one of my favourite smells, as bizarre as that sounds. As a flat-warming gift my parents bought me an Orchid from, which I have managed to keep alive for the last 3 months. Orchids

Starbucks Mugs.

This collection of mugs might be a comment on my addiction to "branded" and American coffee, but if I visit a city, that has a Starbucks I tend to buy a city mug. The city mug collection spans worldwide, and I love the size and weight of the mug. {My full mug collection} I lived

20 facts about me.

{Reading a book, drinking a coffee at one of my favourite places Dubai Offshore Sailing Club} Inspired by one of my favourite bloggers Carly from the College Prepster, I decided to share 20 facts about myself. Some commonly known by others, some not. I have lived in 3 different continents #expatbrat My spelling is all over