Madison Holleran, was an Ivy League track runner for University of Pennsylvania, her sudden suicide on Jan 17, 2014 shocked her family. ESPN wrote a very thought provoking article called Split Image on social media and the filter we appear to put on our life. I read this during my lunch hour on Friday and

Jaeger Scarf

My new favourite accessory is this NSPCC silk scarf, which I have been wearing non stop. I love the colours and the softness of the silk. Looks great with both my trench coat and thick black winter coat. The scarf manages to jazz up any outfit, whether work or casual.I have always loved Jaeger's skirts

Bloglovin & WordPress.

Ever had a problem when you post a new blog and the featured image on Bloglovin becomes blurry? I've found the solution after some googling. and it's annoyingly easy. Thanks to the forums. Go onto your Dashboard --> Settings --> Media. Then adjust your image thumbnail size to be of a moderate size. I chose