London | Week 4.

Last week was well and truly an overindulgence of food. When in Rome (ahem London) and all that right? Connie came down for a night, starting with burgers and wine at Gourmet Burger Kitchen, so classy! If you go make sure to have truffle mayo, either on your burger or with the fries. It's amazing.


Before starting work, I spent last weekend in Portsmouth with Ben seeing his new flat and enjoying Portsmouth. It was a lovely time-out, too much food, gorgeous sunsets and enjoying the warmer weather in the south. Ben is still without internet, but has found a gem of a place called Southsea Coffee Co, amazing coffee

Snoozy Sundays.

Happy Sunday! This is the first Sunday I have the chance to just be lazy and spend the day in bed. Today's plans include: Read the Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling. I am currently in the middle of it, and haven't had the chance to finish it. Hoping to finish it soon, to bring my

Planning Prague.

Ben and I are booking to go to Prague for a city break over the Easter holidays. After both doing summer internships and two semesters of uni without any real time off, we started researching European cities to visit. Prague seemed like the ideal choice, a place we could easily get lost wandering and happily