Embracing Hygge

We have all seen those pinterest perfect pictures of cozy blankets, a mug of steaming coffee, candles and a good book. Introducing the perfectly wonderful world of Hygge, a Danish concept/lifestyle that gives the Danish people their happiness country in the planet status. I picked up The Little Book of Hygge in a bid to

Snow Business

Not going to lie, at 11am on Saturday when snow started to fall I got really excited. As in I facetimed my parents to show them. At 23, having lived in warm weather for most my life snow still makes me smile. Snow does make for a rather convenient cooler for prosecco that happened to


September for me has always been a month of a new adventure, whether that was the start of a new school year or a year ago starting a job. This year, nothing "new" is happening, I've not gone and bought new school shoes or a pencil case or any of that. This last year has