Ted Talk Thursday | Teach girls bravery, not perfection

Teach Girls Bravery Not Perfection

This Ted Talk resonates a lot with me, especially when Reshma starts talking about how girls react to learning code. I frequently even now, 2 years into my career in code, will just delete lines and lines of code that sort of work, but am too embarrassed to show. Coding is a massive love/hate relationship, it’s all trial and error. When trying to change something as simple as a value on a certain screen, you can spend hours debugging the response from the server and in the end only have the tiniest change in code to show.

It’s refreshing and scary to hear that in Silicon Valley most people have 2 failed startups. I cannot imagine the bravery and guts required to keep coming after each failure. I still struggle to see past my failed Masters at time. I can definitely relate to the girls chasing perfection, constantly.

Hopefully with more and more girls picking up code at a young age, the gender stereotypes of technology will disappear as will the need for girls to be perfect.