Ted Talk Thursday | The bridge between suicide and life.

This is an incredible ted talk, one that left me speechless and in awe of the services that the California Highway Patrol Officers give. The Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco is a landmark for many reasons, unfortunately one of these reasons includes the high number of suicides from it. In 2014, that number stood at 1600. Not an easy ted talk to watch, but the message Kevin Briggs gives is true.

Listen. Listen to understand. Just listen to the person.

I never had suicidal thoughts, so can’t relate. However, in my lowest moments of depression, knowing that someone cared enough to listen did make a huge difference. Briggs is honest in his experiences, remarkably in all his years of helping, he only lost 2 people. Which truly shows the power of listening and offering the literal helping hand to get back over the bridge but also the metaphorical helping hand to show that someone does care and is willing to help.