Ted Talk Thursday | The magic ingredient that brings Pixar movies to life.

The magic ingredient that brings Pixar movies to life

Maths, science and code create Pixar films, no really. To this day my dream job is to be a Disney Imagineer, my go to cheer up films are either Toy Story or Frozen. To the point where if I call my Mum, the ringtone plays is You’ve got a friend in me. I’ve also unashamedly dressed up as Buzz Lightyear.

The talk is by Danielle Feinberg and is so eye opening. She steps through how lighting changes the mood in various iconic Pixar scenes and how they use physics to make things seem more realistic. Even the flying pig aka Dr Porkchops Spaceship in Toy Story 3. For Finding Nemo they did in depth analysis on how life is underwater, from how the currents work, to the light, all to make you believe the impossible.

Personally I would love to see some of the equations and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), that happens to create the scenes. Anyone got any contacts at Pixar?