A week of sun, tan and cocktails.


The past week has been sent in the sunny seaside resort of Gumbet in Turkey. Ben and I booked a week in the sun with no real agenda to do anything but laze by the pool. We are both starting our grad jobs in the next few weeks so was a good chance to just relax and do nothing for the last real time this summer. I forgot how much I love just sitting in the sun, with my kindle and being warm. Instant happiness for me.

Before leaving I “had” to get a manicure and pedicure, opted for a Jessica happy go lucky coral on my toes and OPI need sunglasses a bright yellow on my nails.

coral pedicure yellow manicure

My ingenious method of reading in the pool, with a kindle… Going to invest in a waterproof cover as I was so scared of dropping it!


We did take a cruise around Gumbet and the surrounding areas which was picturesque.

cruise around Gumbet

cruise around Gumbet


Lazy days spent by the pool and nights having dinner and drinks.