20 facts about me.


{Reading a book, drinking a coffee at one of my favourite places Dubai Offshore Sailing Club}

Inspired by one of my favourite bloggers Carly from the College Prepster, I decided to share 20 facts about myself. Some commonly known by others, some not.

  1. I have lived in 3 different continents #expatbrat
  2. My spelling is all over the place – color or colour?
  3. I was born 6 weeks early and weighed 3 pounds, sorry Mum!
  4. I have terrible allergies, always sneeze 3 times and am often referred to as Darth Vader due to how heavy my breathing is.
  5. My life revolves around to-do lists.
  6. My uniform for uni is a pair of jeans, coloured jumpers, scarf and boots.
  7. Friday Night Lights is one of my favourite TV shows and led me to discover the amazing band Explosions in the Sky.
  8. I am the President of Southampton Vixens Cheerleading and love everything to do with the sport.
  9. Before starting cheer at uni, I had never worn fake tan or eyelashes, now I love it.
  10. I didn’t start growing hair until I was 2.
  11. My eyes change from blue to green depending on my mood.
  12. Ultimate mood changer for me is watching Toy Story.
  13. The best comfort food is either mac and cheese or mushroom risotto. Carbalicious.
  14. When I was little I had rosey red cheeks, I now rely on blush to re-create the look.
  15. My middle name is Matt. Yes it’s a boy’s name, yes I am a girl. But I love it, it was a family tradition to name the first born in the Heath family Matthew, the tradition continued with me.
  16. My Scottish clan is MacGregor and I love the modern tartan.
  17. For my end of school graduation/prom I wore a tartan dress.
  18. I got my tonsils taken out at 20, due to recurring tonsillitis and quincy.
  19. At 16, I qualified as a sailing instructor and have spent many weekends teaching kids how to sail.
  20. In 10 years time I want to be working in Singapore.

What are some random facts about you?!