8 month countdown.

In exactly 8 months to the day, I will be starting my graduate job. In a midst of finishing 2 pieces of coursework and turning them in, I happened to glance at my watch and noticed the date. Realising that I would be starting the next chapter of my life in 8 months time gave me a good reminder of what I am working towards and to keep motivated, as the end is almost here.

photo 1{Watch: Raymond Weil, Scarf: MacGregor Modern Tartan from James Pringle Weavers}

8 months seems like forever away. I cannot wait to start my job, live in my own flat and move up to Glasgow. Decorating my flat is becoming my new obsession, I have bookmarked so many blog posts with great home decor ideas.

Having done an internship over summer and realised what work is like, University has been difficult this year. The pressure to complete coursework and memorise exam questions seems taxing when in a job situation you can ask for help or look up an answer in Google.

8 months and counting…