Champagne Dreaming.

The sound of a cork opening as a kid used to cause me to run to the other side of the room and cover my ears until the bottle of bubbly in question had been opened. As a twenty one year old student, if I am not paying, I love nothing more than a glass or two of champagne!

Back in July when Murray Mania was at its highest in Britain, Lanson came out with a range of white and purple Wimbledon champagne covers decorated like a tennis shirt. This shirt was complete with logo, buttons and a tennis ball zipper at the back. Throughout the 2 weeks everyone seemed to be watching Wimbledon complete with decorative champagne. The white shirt, as seen at my graduation.

My parents managed to snag themselves some purple covers. Can’t wait to use these next summer, let’s hope the weather is just as good and Murray has more magic!

These cheeky snowmen bottles were spotted in Sainsburys in November. Lanson are on to a winner with there themed champagne covers.

On Christmas Day, who else would appear but Santa!

I love the campaign that Lanson have going with these, have you spotted any others? Perhaps Cupid will make an appearance near Valentine’s Day or a leprechaun around St. Patrick’s Day?

Hopefully, if you are opening any bottles of champagne you will be more successful than my attempt at graduation. Looking at my face, you can see how scared I was! The cork went flying towards the library roof, one of those moments I wish someone had filmed. But this shot is priceless.

Enjoy New Year’s Eve however you choose to celebrate, just be sure to raise a glass at midnight.