Currently Reading | The Opposite of Loneliness.


You know the phrase, ‘Don’t judge a book by it’s cover’. Well sometimes the cover is what draws you to a book. Especially given how full the shelves and tables can be in any bookstore. The yellow coat caught my eye, call me a bumblebee but I just love yellow. My immediate thought was how can a happy colour like yellow be associated with loneliness?

The book is a collection of Marina Keegan’s essays and stories that she wrote whilst attending Yale. Marina died in a car accident five days after graduating. The book was created to document her creativity and allow her thoughts to live.

My favourite was the titled Opposite of Loneliness essay. It hit home, a lot. Having just started my grad job and living by myself the sudden sense of loneliness is apparent. No longer am I surrounded by people at all times, it’s nice to know that all students across the globe have that same feeling of being thankful for being part of their university community.