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Into the Water, is the second novel by Paula Hawkins, after her successful Girl On the Train. Another psychological suspense thriller.

Into The Water

When your first novel is that good, it’s always going to be difficult to top. I absolutely loved Girl On the Train, although admittedly haven’t seen the film. I had high hopes for Paula’s second novel, Into the Water. The book itself wasn’t quite as gripping as her first, but when I eventually figured out who all the characters were and how they related/what time frame they were in, it was a fab book. My confusion might have been down to picking the book up for 10 minutes at a time, then leaving it for a few days. So, perhaps re-reading it might help! Or maybe the whole point is to not make the connections between the characters to quickly into the book.

This will definitely be a popular read for the summer, as you can’t beat a thriller whilst lying on the beach!