Drinking more Water.

One of my 101 goals, was to drink more water. I have only been working at drinking enough water for the past month, so not quite time to score it of my list. However, I have learnt various tricks to help reach my end goal.


1. Buy a reusable bottle.

I purchased a Brita Fill & Go Water Bottle, as I liked the ability to add a filter, due to the hard water in Southampton. Water in the south of England has nothing on Scottish water. A reusable bottle does what it says, and can be reused without the fear of a plastic water bottle degrading.

2. Add some fruit.

Any fruit that you have in your fridge will do, frozen also works and will keep your drink cold. I love any combination of strawberries, raspberries, pomegranate, lime, lemon or cucumber. This gives the water a slightly different taste and will keep you from getting bored of the flavour. There are endless combinations.

3. Set goals.

It is not easy drinking the 1.6L that is recommended for women per day. Do not expect to go from drinking a small glass a day, to that amount in the space of a day! Set a goal for the week, such as finishing a 500ml bottle everyday for a week, then up it to two bottles a day. I found trying to drink a bottle before lunch, in the afternoon, and during the evening, to work really well as a goal.

4. Carry the bottle with you.

If you are on the move, have the bottle in the bag, if you are nervous or anxious, have  a drink and it will help calm you down. Having the bottle on you will help you reach your goal and save you money, as water tends to be pricey in cinemas and shops. Whilst working at a desk, I always have the bottle in-sight and it acts as a great mini break from work.

5. Think of the benefits.

Drinking more water helps to calm nerves, increase concentration levels, clearer skin, healthier and shinier hair, helps control calorie intake as your body is often thirsty which we perceive to be hungry.  When you are fed up of constantly drinking water, remind yourself of the benefits and you will see results in as little as a month.

Any other advice for drinking more water?