End of Exams.


Exams finished on Wednesday, Ben has now completed his MEng so to celeberate we went out for a dinner in town. Yesterday was spent catching up on errands and getting a much needed manicure. I survived a month without polish!

Current plans in the next few weeks include:

USE my DIANA F+ lomography camera. I got this camera as a birthday present 2 years ago and really have neglected it. Going to try and use it more and just enjoy using a film camera.

READ Struck By Genius. A book about Jason, who after a mugging and other life-events, quite literally became a mathematical genius.

MAKE iced coffee cubes as seen on The Londoner. These look perfect for the afternoon craving I always get for coffee.

WEAR my baby blue longchamp. A true sign it’s summer, the black longchamp is no longer going to be used until Autumn.