Off to the Circus.


On boxing day I watched a 2001 performance of Cirque Du Soleil’s Alegría. Since a little girl, I have been obsessed with the circus, mainly due to my occasional antics on a trapeze.

Whilst on holiday in Florida aged 5, the resort had a trapeze. My Dad, stupidly, bet that I wouldn’t have a go on it. He said if I did it, he would go on it after.

Guess what….

First timer!

I went up it no problem, and Dad almost chickened out. But a bet is a bet! He did it.

Here goes nothing!


Cirque Du Soleil are known around the world for their amazing pieces of theatre, that manage to combine so much talent and flexibility into one show. Cirque was founded in 1984 in Canada, and has been running shows across the world since. I have been fortunate enough to see O in Las Vegas and Quidam in Dubai.

Cirque are taking their Dralion production around the UK next year. My boyfriend and I decided to book tickets to go see them in Manchester next June, to motivate us through our last semester of University. I am so excited to get to see Cirque again. Throughout previous performances I was in constant awe of all the acts, but the trapeze sections is always my favourite.

If they are in a city near you, I would definitely suggest trying to get tickets, they are playing in stadiums across the UK from Glasgow all the way to London and across to Dublin.

Here is a taster, taken from youtube:

Currently counting down the days until June!