The Famous Grouse Experience.

After my weekend in Crieff, I met my boyfriend Ben in Perth to then head back to Crieff to go to a whisky distillery tour. The Famous Grouse Experience, is in Crieff itself and is well worth a visit. Scotland is renowned for its whisky and if you ever visit, a trip to a distillery is a must.

Unfortunately, during the tour of the distillery itself no photos were allowed due to the flammability of the whisky! Incase you didn’t know, whisky is surprisingly easy to make:

1. Water
2. Barley
3. Yeast

Quite simply, if you want a malted whisky use a malted barley! The difference between a single malt and a blend is that a single malt is created from one distillery, whilst a blend is made up of various malts. Simple fact, but you can surprise your friends next time you are at a pub with tour friends enjoying a dram.

After being led through how whisky is made and how it is stored. We entered the sensory section where photos were now allowed, as it was in the main building. We got to choose from a selection of whiskys. Not being a whisky lover, it was recommended that I try the Snow Grouse, which is a frozen whisky, aimed at the younger (legal) generation.

The distillery is home to the world’s largest bottle of whisky. As authenticated by the Guinness book of World Records.

Whisky is definitely not my drink of choice! But I may start trying to make a cocktail and see if I prefer that, to straight whisky.

How about this for a birthday present?