Time heals a lot. A year ago I went on a family holiday and took a break from social media and tried to enjoy it and looking back I did, but to an extent. Not a criticism of the holiday or my parents and brother but it gave me a false sense of security and being ok. Basically when I returned from it, I spiralled into depression again. 
Fast forward a year later, there is something nice about a holiday in April and I’ve just arrived in New York. A few days by myself, exploring the museums, running, doing a bootcamp and plenty of eating, followed by a few days with a friend I met through run club. Last year if you told me I would have the confidence to fly to a big city by myself, pay for it and enjoy it I would not have believed it. 
Flying out of Heathrow gave me a chance of real and honest reflection, helped by a glass of bubbles and my fascination with planes. Honestly could sit and watch planes taxi and take off for hours. It’s all a bit full circle as I lived in Texas for four years but haven’t been back to the States since I left in 2004, 12 years ago! We did have a family Thanksgiving trip to New York one year so I’m excited to see if everyone is still as big!


 Now I’m off to Times Square to see the big bright lights. Expect a lot of New York blog posts and plenty of Instagram posts.